Allergy Mom Exposes Hidden Allergens

By Danielle Copeman

Have you read the ingredient label for that bottle of shampoo and conditioner? How about that diaper cream? Bar soap?
I don’t know about you, but as a parent and a parent of an allergy kid I am learning as I go. I just didn’t think about (ever) the fact that I could be lathering up my squeaky clean baby girl with some harmful stuff. I am talking egg white protein in shampoo, and nut oils in lotions. Scary stuff for a food allergy sufferer. I had never thought to look into those aspects of our lives until Estelle educated and urged us all to start cleaning up our product act. I am so grateful that she did.

One day I was scrub a dub dub in the shower, and I flipped over my new smelly-so-good coconut shampoo. Shock. The third ingredient was egg white. If I had lathered my little Livs up in that shampoo, who knows what could have happened?? She is 2 and most of us know that kids manage to drink bath water…she would have then ingested egg and could have gotten a rash or even worse gone into anaphylaxis (a life threatening reaction). How could I have not known this?

After a bit of research i discovered that yes ingredients derived from food allergens are frequently added to creams, cosmetics, hair care products, and other personal care items. As an allergy mom I am urging you to be sure to read the labels and check for the presence of your child’s allergens. And not only that, if you are donating soaps and such to your child’s classroom please check them as well. The last thing any one wants to see is the sweet babe with a milk allergy lathering up in milk and honey soap after recess.

Because we all know that labels can be misleading and confusing you can find a comprehensive list of names food allergens can be lurking under here. Lets keep our kids safe.

Photo credit: Danielle Copeman

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  • Ivy Chesser

    Very interesting! And scary. Coconut is my favorite scent for shower stuff too!

  • Torrie @ a place to share…

    yes!! i was talking to an old friend at a wedding (sorry, tmi ;)), and she shared that she (after severe/ongoing health issues) finally found out that she was very allergic to gluten. not only did she have to eliminate it from her diet, but from many of her cosmetic/personal care products, which contained gluten. who knew??