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A little confession: I miss my old blog. The place where I used to share random bits of my life. Things that inspired me and projects I was working on. It was my happy place for sure. I’m struggling to find some balance in my work and freelance life, my Pink Moon Daily life, my family and home life…you know the drill. I’m thinking that a little more personal blogging just might do the trick. So indulge me a moment as I walk you through last weekend.

My 2oth high school reunion just happened and it was epic, to say the very least. Each August, my best girlfriends from high school (one relocated to New Zealand and one to Brooklyn) come back for an extended stay with their parents and to visit those of us still in the area where we grew up. This is always a few weeks of family dinners, picnics, and lazy pool days (as lazy as you can get with a dozen or so little splashing about), punctuated by a couple of girls only events. This year, the energy around this entire month was amplified by the anticipation of our 20th high school reunion. What would we wear, who did we want to see, etc.

We were fortunate enough to get away to a hotel, lounge about for a while without children, sip champagne, eat cheese and chocolate and dine out in fancy clothing and then cap it all off with a reunion to top all reunions. Safe to say, I have not laughed and danced and hugged so much in ages. We all agreed the event felt like a wedding that flew by too quickly and left us all in a bit of a funk in the days that followed.

It felt really good to revisit those carefree days of adolescence and remind one another of the people and places that shaped our friendships. When in doubt, dancing madly to AC/DC will bring back some repressed memories. I’m so thankful for those friendships and for the truly charmed area where I grew up. I knew it was special then, but seeing kind and beautiful faces from my childhood reminded me of what a blessed and unique experience I had. I can only hope my Emerson gets a taste of that for herself.

A few notes: I had my hair blown out at Dry Bar and honestly, if I could swing it I’d sit my ass in one of those seats once a week. Because, that kind of hair just does not happen in my bathroom. I went with the Straight Up with a twist and I cna’t wait to go back. The lovely Alexis mailed me her stunning Chanel bangles to wear with my reunion outfit. How perfect are they with my bag and shoes? It was kind of a Cinderella moment. And my husband and a couple other husbands joined the Elks Club in an attempt to entertain themselves as their better halves danced themselves silly. Making me an official Elks Wife. Awe, yeah.

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  • Alexis

    love it!! you look amazing and so happy I could contribute to the fun :)… ox