Strawberry Limeade Two Ways

By Estelle Hayes

By a show of hands, who’s gone fruit picking this season? If you have not partaken in this annual adventure it’s time to get picking. Emerson and I made our annual trek to Swanton Berry Farm, our local organic U-pick strawberry patch and came home with 13 pounds of goodies.

We made quick work of a big pitcher of strawberry-limeade juice and a batch of the season’s first homemade popsicles. I cleaned, hulled and froze a ton of berries for an upcoming epic jam session with Melissa and Caroline, which will be documented here in a few weeks. I’m so excited to make my own jam.

With a belly full of berries, I finally feel that summer has hit. Do you have a tried and true summer tradition?

Photo credit: Estelle Hayes

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  • Danielle

    We have never been picking :( the boy loves strawberries. He eats a pint a day. Not kidding. We spend a small fortune on strawberries weekly.

  • Melissa

    do you realize how excited i am for our jam session?!

    watermelon signals summer for me.

  • Tiffanyh4

    we just went blueberry picking in santa barbara…………………so good and so fun!