Get Prepared ~ Facing Food Allergy Fears

By Danielle Copeman

In stressful situations many people can loose their focus, myself included. My all-time biggest fear as an allergy parent is not being prepared to handle an allergic reaction to an egg exposure. It is something that worries me ALL the time. So, each day I make sure we have what is needed to help protect our daughter. We never leave home without a fully stocked allergy prep kit. And it is ready to hand off to anyone watching her at any time.

Here is what we stock:
1. Clear makeup bag: A good bag to store everything is a must. I like it to be clear so that we can easily see what we have on the go.
2. Allergy medication, liquid and solid: Allergy medication in both forms for minor to major reactions.
3. Two Epi-pens, in case 2 doses are needed: A double supply of epinephrine (Epi-pens).
4. Allergy Doctor contact info and medical card: Contact information for our allergy doctor and her medical record card.
5. An emergency treatment plan: A written emergency plan for myself and others who may take care of her.
6. Happy makers: Happy makers to help ease what could be a scary and stressful situation for my girl. Organic and allergy friendly lollies, and happy face stickers.
7. Allergy awareness stickers: And our favorite allergy alert stickers.

When I am prepared, I know that I can give my girl the security and confidence she needs to go about her day as a regular little girl. What would/do you stock?

Photo credit: Danielle Copeman

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  • 3logans

    I also had large Ziploc bags in case of regurgitation. A smack ice, ice pack that you smack for it to get cold. Great for hives or any duchy. You are an awesome Mommy.

    • danielle copeman

      Thank you!! Great ideas, I will be adding smack ice and ziplocs to my kit today..

  • danielle copeman

    Thank you Estelle for supporting a topic so important to mine and many other families!

  • Jennifer B-Food Allergy Buzz

    Hi Estelle,

    Great post! In my allergy bag (which is always in my pocketbook), I carry several Benadryl Perfect Measures (isn’t it nice how they DON’T leak like the Benadryl in a bottle?!), 2 epipens, and a card with allergy contact info. I do not carry any non-liquid forms of Benadryl/allergy medicine because I know a number of friends whose food allergic kiddos gagged on/vomited with solid meds during a reaction. Liquid goes down easier. My allergy bag is a neon green Allergy Alert bag I bought when my son was first diagnosed more than 5 years ago. My son’s epipen carrier contains the same: Benadryl Perfect Measures, 2 epis, and an allergy contact card.