Sunday Thoughts on Enthusiasm

“None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.”
- Henry David Thoreau

I few weeks back I temporarily lost my enthusiasm. I couldn’t find the fun in my work, this site, those free moments in the day…my world view went a little fuzzy. Lack of enthusiasm brings out the worst in me and I’m happy to report the fog has lifted.

Yesterday, I cleaned up my garden, fed the flowers and pulled the weeds. Today I’m baking and preparing for a week of healthy, new (to me) meals and I’m looking forward to some much needed exercise. I’ve got my enthusiasm back.

We all get lost every now and again, right? I’d be curious to know what you do to get yourself out of a funk. A while back, I posted my “In case of emergency” list. Do you have one?

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  • Mel

    So happy you found your mojo. I am a firm believer in a good cup of tea and a trashy book, but my true funkalicious list consists of about 3 phone numbers :). Whoever is the first to pick up the line gets a pathetic ear full and then usually provides a clean and humorous perspective. I love my peeps.