Practicing Self Care

By Estelle Hayes

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the importance of self care. Those things that only we can do for ourselves. Sleep, exercise, clean food choices, etc. In my 20s self care meant frequent workouts and a lot of journal writing. (I was that girl). In my early 30s I discovered mediation and practiced nightly. It was often the only private moments in my day and I savored the ritual. In Emerson’s first year of life, self care was all about survival sleep. Now that I’m four years into having a child, I’m working to develop a new go-to self care routine.

Lately, I keep coming back to yoga and nature. I’m realizing more and more that exercise will need to be a part of my daily life and if I don’t get five minutes to work in my garden or smell some redwood trees I feel a little nutty. I’m curious to know what you do to take care of yourself. Bubble baths, weekend naps or a regular girls’ night? Let’s help each other take good care of ourselves.

P.S. Wouldn’t that little bench be a perfect place to sit and reflect? Maybe share coffee with your best friend? It’s just a pretty little place to practice self care, right?

Photo credit: Estelle Hayes

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  • Ag

    Like you my self care has changed a lot… Now that Conrad is one i have been moving out of the “survival” mode and have found time to cover all three bases, mind, body and spirit… It is hard to cover all three everyday but I think of it over a week… I have a walking routine with a girlfriend 4 times a week, prayer group Monday nights and my girlfriends and boys are constantly inspiring me to push myself in all sorts of ways (you included).
    Love this platform for Pink Moon ;)!! ox

  • Melissa

    i make time to be alone in the kitchen and let my creative juices flow with the food i prepare. it’s a meditative daily process for me. and at night, i always must find at least 10 minutes to hold a book in my hand and read before i close my eyes for the day. 

  • Mary

    Yes, the things I do have definitely changed through life’s phases.  The baby years are especially difficult to make sure to find time to take care of ourselves.  My boys are 3 and 5 now.  The things I try to do include taking 10 minutes after their bedtime to sit in quiet and relax my mind, exercise/yoga, and end every day with a book.

    • pinkmoondaily

      Oh, Mary. Those quiet moments are so important. Even just a few of them, every day, will help keep us sane, right? Hope you are enjoying the weekend!