Good Energy Changes Everything

By Estelle Hayes “Beauty is an energy.” -Indie Lee This quote on Twitter got my attention last night as I edited photos from a recent trip to wine country. Those words feel so true, so comforting and perfect for nearly everything that came from that trip. The crazy pretty light that fills every corner of that part of California is magical and the quiet energy is contagious. Which brings me back to Indie Lee, a young woman who had a potentially fatal brain tumor removed several years ago and went on to launch a company Read More →

Cheers to Your Health ~ Almond Berry Smoothie

By Estelle Hayes I’m helping to plan a bridal shower next month for a friend and I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a refreshing welcome drink for the guests. Since we’ll be serving plenty of champagne, I’m leaning toward a healthy shot glass of a fruit smoothie to kick off the party. I’m officially hooked on Tina Jeffers’ homemade vanilla almond milk. It blends perfectly with a handful of organic blueberries that are all over the farmer’s market now. I added a bit of frozen banana to this mixture and it came out a bit thick Read More →

My Soul Fever

Alexis and a crew of my favorite bloggers (who also happen to be moms) focused on various chapters of Simplicity Parenting a few week back. It’s worth reading, bookmarking and rereading. I’m not huge on parenting books because I’m pretty sure that parenting is a lot like life. You learn as you go and grow into the role with experience, trial and error and intuition. However, this book has helped me put a lot of parenting “issues” in perspective and has strengthened my resolve in many areas where modern society was telling me one thing Read More →

On the Yoga Mat ~ Breathe

By Melissa McArdle How often do you notice your breath? Obviously, we all are breathing constantly, but do you ever take a moment and really breathe? Do you focus on the inhale and exhale while imagining the air captured through your mouth and nose and follow the intricate pathways throughout your body? Or do you notice the rhythm of your breathing and allow your mind to wander or settle from the general chaos that surrounds us daily. One of the many reasons I enjoy yoga is for the art of breathing. When I teach my Read More →

Ethical Jewelry ~ Gifts for Grads

By Estelle Hayes Do you have any graduates in your life this year? I’ve got nephews graduating from high school and college and while diamond necklaces are not exactly the perfect gift for either of them, my search still seems to at least start with jewelry. I love the idea of gifting a classic piece of jewelry that can be worn for decades and passed down from one generation to the next. These necklaces from Brilliant Earth are created from conflict-free diamonds and in many cases, recycled gold and platinum. Many of the designs lean Read More →

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