Garden Lust

I’m overly skilled at coveting gardens. I’ve been known to stop the car to admire a neighbor’s flowering tree and wild mustard in an abandoned field. It’s equal-opportunity garden loving in my world. Except when it comes to my own patch of dirt. At home, I’m full of judgement and doubt and general negativity. Until this past spring when I planted a cutting garden for the sole purpose of…enjoyment. Now I’m in full-blown love affair mode with my own little plant babies. Indulge me in a little gratuitous garden porn, won’t you…

Carry on.

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  • Mel

    GORGEOUS! Green thumb all the way!

    • pinkmoondaily

      Well, I don’t know about that. But I’ve been mostly lucky this season with that special area. Went to the nursery today and picked up some new plant babies that you are going to love.