One Clean Thing: Kids Nail Polish

Scotch Naturals is leading the way in water-based and toxin free nail products. In addition to being “3 free” (free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl Phthalate) they’ve also eliminated ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone, and heavy metals from their formulations. And now they have a line of kid’s nail colors called Hopscotch, in addition to their beautiful grown up line of polishes.

If you have kids than you’ve probably already experienced first hand the kind of influence you have over their choices (when they’re young – all bets are off the table during those teenage years!). We are their strongest teachers and we lead by example in almost all cases, especially in product and brand loyalty. Help them understand why you spend so much time researching the ingredients in the products you buy. Or why it matters to you that their clothing was not made by the hands of slave and child labor.

My daughter used to always ask for a certain little Latina-themed kids’ shampoo she could spot with laser like vision at Target. I would feel a little guilty frequently denying her the “fun” products until I finally explained that although the bottle was cute the stuff inside was not good for her body and that I’m doing my best to keep her safe and healthy. Now she points to that bottle and reminds me that it’s “not good for my body” every time we pass that section.

I’m not quite ready to paint her tiny nails, but I’ve got a few tweens in my life who will be getting some Hopscotch polishes this summer.

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  • Danielle (elleinadspir)

    I love that you are starting to teach her about these choices…so smart, you and Em!

  • Mel

    Yay for hopscotch! Lark begged me to paint her toes for the summer for weeks and I kept putting it off. I finally explained that I wouldn’t do it until we could find a polish that wasn’t “really bad” to put on our toes. For the last day of her school year I bought a bright fun polish that was “3 free” and we had fun painting our summer toes. Hopscotch sounds even better! Can’t wait to get a new color! Thanks!

    • pinkmoondaily

      Oh, I’m sure she LOVED that! I don’t know why but I just have not been able to turn that corner with the nail polish. Probably because I know it would be one more thing to “maintain” and let’s face it – I barely keep up with trimming her nails and mine – let alone keeping them polished. And of course, my OCD would not deal well with chipped polish on her toes. Ug. I should just stop right there.

  • Pretty Mommy

    oh! Will have to buy some asap ;) re: products with characters – I have a no “character rule” for clothes at our house…Lila always say “I LOVE those…(Dora, Hello kitty, etc…) and then shakes her head and says “i know, I know…no characters…” I’m such a mean mom!
    and she totally knows the oganic symbol and chastises my mom by saying “Nonnie, it’s not orgaaaanic” – uff…oh man…

    • pinkmoondaily

      “No character” rule? Brilliant! Emerson is thankfully starting to grow out of some of that and I can usually distract her with anything elephant related. I honestly felt bad denying her the Dora shampoo that first time she spotted it and then I realized how completely manipulated I was being in the middle of Target. I got over it pretty quickly. But I have to admit. I have a serious soft spot for that big dumb kitty.