Good Energy Changes Everything

By Estelle Hayes

“Beauty is an energy.”

-Indie Lee

This quote on Twitter got my attention last night as I edited photos from a recent trip to wine country. Those words feel so true, so comforting and perfect for nearly everything that came from that trip. The crazy pretty light that fills every corner of that part of California is magical and the quiet energy is contagious.

Which brings me back to Indie Lee, a young woman who had a potentially fatal brain tumor removed several years ago and went on to launch a company devoted to clean beauty products. She’s got good energy. Indie was forever changed by her experience and now devotes her career to creating clean products that help you feel beautiful sans toxins – imagine that!

I’m currently eyeing the tea tree mint food scrub and citrus hand scrub (made especially for a gardener’s hands). My fingers and toes could use a little TLC before summer hits in full swing.

May you find (or create) some beautiful energy this weekend.

Photo credit: Estelle Hayes

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  • Danielle (elleinadspir)

    I could use some clean up myself. Off to check out her stuff!

  • Torrie @ a place to share…

    Beauty is energy.


    {& really look forward to seeing more *beautiful wine country pictures… could always use a little more positive energy :)}