Practicing Self Care

By Estelle Hayes I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the importance of self care. Those things that only we can do for ourselves. Sleep, exercise, clean food choices, etc. In my 20s self care meant frequent workouts and a lot of journal writing. (I was that girl). In my early 30s I discovered mediation and practiced nightly. It was often the only private moments in my day and I savored the ritual. In Emerson’s first year of life, self care was all about survival sleep. Now that I’m four years into having a child, Read More →

My Summer Food List

By Estelle Hayes I have recently rediscovered Bon Appetit magazine and I’m loving it. (and by “rediscover” I mean, apparently I have a subscription because it’s been magically showing up in my mailbox for two months now) Especially, the Foodist, who published his own list of must-eat items for summer. I’m inspired to make my own list of goodies that I’m looking forward to eating in the next few months and I’d love to hear yours. 1.  Chocolate dipped soft served from the Boardwalk 2. Smores 3. My weight in nectarines and apricots 4. Homemade Read More →

Garden to Glass Cocktails and a Guest Post

By Estelle Hayes I few weeks back I mentioned this story in the Wall Street Journal about garden-inspired cocktails. It just so happened my husband and I had just tasted a couple of Manresa’s creations that use herbs and honey from their farm to infuse their signature drinks. I’ve been experimenting ever since. Some with alcohol, some with club soda and some concoctions have simply been frozen in ice cube trays in preparation for our next heat wave. My hands-down favorite has been a combination of fresh mint, lime and blackberries all muddled together for Read More →

Sunscreen Safety Zone: What to Avoid

Staying safe in the summer sun is easier said than done. I have very fair skin and together with my sunburn-prone husband we made one of the whitest, redheaded babies in the Western world. So, skin protection is sort my thing. The Environmental Working Group recently published their 2012 Sunscreen Guide and it’s a must read for anyone who plans to leave the house this summer. Seriously, they do the research so you don’t have to and their Skin Deep data base is filled with brands that have vetted so you can comparison shop at Read More →

One Clean Thing: Gumdrop Jewelry

Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of garbage gift-giving options for little girls. Pop into any big box store and you’ll find rows and rows of cheaply made toys, jewelry and clothing. Most of it is junk, made in China, with poor quality materials and under questionable labor conditions. It’s depressing, honestly. Enter: 100% Gumdrop. Their adorable necklaces are changing the game for girls of all ages. All 100% Gumdrop products are designed in New York City and manufactured in the States. They are lead-free and dipped in 14 karate gold. And they are darling. To be Read More →

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