Men’s Room ~ All Lathered Up

Look, my face is my fortune, so to speak, so when it comes to shaving cream I don’t want to mess around with nasty chemicals on my tender flesh or anywhere near my eyes.  Yet, all the popular shave creams that litter the typical drug store and supermarket shelves are chock full of stuff better left for an EPA waste drum.  Read the labels and you’ll find that most shave foam is really a septic smoothie of well known carcinogens, toxins and irritants.  No wonder so many guys I know arrive at work in the Read More →

How We Teach our Children in House of Fifty Magazine

The anniversary issue of House of Fifty is live and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. The entire issue is filled with beautiful editorial spreads, ideas for entertaining, healthy recipes and general inspiration for good living. And this time around, I get to be a small part of all the good stuff. Check out page 171 for a piece I wrote about Emerson and the special teachers in her life. It’s a good reminder that mom’s don’t do any of this mothering business alone. Raising a successful human is a team Read More →

The Allergy Adjustment ~ A Mom’s Perspective

{Danielle Copeman has become her family’s expert, as well as her daughter’s advocate, where dangerous food allergies are concerned. She’ll bring us monthly family-friendly recipes – free from egg and nuts. But first, she shares a bit of her story and some important tips for any family learning to live with life-changing allergies. Take it away, Danielle.} By Danielle Copeman  Just shy of two years ago I witnessed a terrible reaction. On her first Christmas my youngest daughter had her first bite of a scrambled egg, at the age of 11 months and went into Read More →

Sunday Thoughts on Meditation

  I’m a strong believer in the importance of quiet time. Whether it’s five minutes of meditation in your office or a refreshing walk through nature, humans crave physical and mental breaks from the bustle of modern life. It’s good for the mind and body. Even the Western medical community is getting on board with meditation. Check out the Mayo Clinic’s overview. Sundays are the perfect time to find some stillness and rest you need in preparation for the coming week.  I’ve attended mediation retreats, participated in group guided meditations in traditional church settings and Read More →

Weekend Market

Weekends are made for Farmers Markets. Sure I live in California and have access to outdoor markets all year round, but now that it’s spring those of us all over North America can get out and support our local farmers. It’s a great way to stimulate your own community’s economy, since purchasing directly from the grower eliminates the middle man and means the farmers gets paid directly for their efforts. While you’re there, talk the growers up, find out how their crops are fairing this season and ask them how they like to prepare their Read More →

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