In the Garden with Pumpkins


It’s time, friends. Time to plant your pumpkins if you want your own beauties to carve up this October. Last year we planted seeds in a girlfriend’s yard. The experience of watching our kids watch thier own garden work grow was oh so satisfying. You can see a post of our progress here.

This year, we’re trying our luck in my own yard and already two tiny seedlings have sprouted. I highly recommend starting a few pumpkins from seed or seedling right now.  Find a very sunny spot, build a small mound of good quality soil and some organic fertilizer and plant away. I like to mark our plantings with name stakes so all the kiddos in my life can watch as their someday jack-o-lanterns grow. And on that note, be sure to leave plenty of room for growth as pumpkins (like all squash) will spread out and take over several feet of yard space.

Happy planting!

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  • Tiffanyh4

    I loved seeing this last year at mel’s………..although it secretly made me jealous!   i wish i had space for this, my boys would love it!

  • Mel

    I’m so excited to see the sprouts and progress!

  • Torrie @ a place to share…

    yes… they do take up a lot of room! but this year, ours seem to be doing really well (unlike last year), so it looks like home-grown pumpkins will be in our future for the first time this year!