Dr. Bronner’s Takes on Aphids; Rose-Lovers Rejoice

Dr. Bronner’s products have enjoyed a cult following for several generations and for good reason. Their formulations contain high quality, pure ingredients and have recently been certified organic by the USDA and fair trade by the IMO’s Fair for Life program. The liquid magic soap in peppermint make an invigorating shower gel and can be mixed with water for an effective surface cleaner. But did you know it’s also a nontoxic pesticide?

I planted my first ever rose bushes in February and have been babying them every step of their life in my garden. When they were attacked by aphids I ran straight for the nursery in search of an organic deterrant. In addition to introducing lady bugs to the garden (which is only a short-term fix for aphids) I was encouraged to break my Dr. Bronner’s from the bathroom, mix with equal parts water and give that aphid colony a daily dose of “magic soap.”

Tips: Examine all new grown on rose plant, the tiny green bugs feed on new leaves and sprouts and will lay eggs underneath where they are hidden. Drench the affected areas in the early morning before the sun gets too hot. Direct sunlight on the soapy leaves can cause some burning. Spray down the bush after a 20 minutes or so to clean the soap, dead aphids and eggs.

I’m a little obsessive so I’m armed with my Dr. Bronner’s + water mixture most mornings just looking for a misguided aphid. And my two little tea roses are now showing off their very first blossoms.

Do you have any nontoxic gardening tips? I’d love to hear about them.

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  • Katrina L.

    Awesome! As if I didn’t love my peppermint Dr. Bronners enough already

  • Mel

    We are never without a bottle of peppermint on hand! 

  • Megan browne

    I use a watered down ecostore dishwashing liquid on my cabbages and brassicas and the white fly are sent flying!

  • http://torriesessions.blogspot.com/ Torrie @ a place to share…

    good to know! (just happen to have this very soap- peppermint too :))- sitting in my shower.