Creative Crush: Simplicity with Kimberly of Around the Table at Blackberry Farm

Each Friday, a special blogger friend shares their current Creative Crush – whatever is cause for inspiration at this very moment. This week, I’m happy to have Kimberly from Around the Table at Blackberry Farm and Kimberly Taylor Images. She was another Alt roomie and an instant friend. Kim is whip-smart, funny and oh so talented with that camera of hers. Her crush on simplicity was a much needed reminder for me this week. I’ve been soaking in these images and taking deep breaths all morning. Thanks, Kim.

Lately, simplicity has inspired me.  I find people and images that really “see” the beauty in the everyday moments around us tend to make my heart beat a bit faster.  I am blessed with a friend that I met in my favorite place – France – last year.  From the moment I met her, I was drawn to her calm peaceful manner and her incredible outlook on the world around her.  She is so full of love and of kindness, and since meeting Nadia, I have enjoyed reading each and every post that she shares on her blog – La Porte Rouge.  Her images are often haunting – their lighting magical.  She lives in her personal little slice of heaven with her husband and a menagerie of beloved animals.  She truly sees the beauty around her – taking long silent walks in nature to listen to the life her countryside holds.  Every time I read her beautiful words, she inspires me to slow down and find the beauty in the silence that is around me.  I find I tend to carve out more time with my own animals as of late, and see simple things that I hadn’t truly noticed before.  

One of my favorite quotes is “Gratitude turns what we have into enough”.  I love that quote, and I feel like it is the epitome of the way my sweet friend Nadia lives her life.  And it is how I aspire to live mine.


All images by Nadia Dole.
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  • Mary

    Wow those pictures are gorgeous. I read and love La Porte Rouge as well, but I somehow missed that sparkly snow picture. Beautiful.

  • Melanie

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Kimberly.

  • karen – Simply Inspired

    "Gratitude turns what we have into enough"… how i love this quote, estelle… and the shared images are exquisite. you have graced my day and i feel grateful.

  • Danielle (elleinadspir)

    Beautiful pictures!!!

    And happy bday friend.

  • Cannelle Et Vanille

    I love that quote too. i will keep it close to me. and what can i say, nadia is an inspiration to all of us!

  • Sandra

    That gratitude quote is something that I needed to hear today. Sometimes I take for granted all that I have and focus on the little that I do not. Wise words to ponder as I slide into the weekend…

  • katie//salt+pine

    A really beautiful reminder, K…both through words and the gorgeous images…thanks for sharing! Nadia's blog is now on my reading list. :)

  • Brandi {not your average ordinary}

    Beautiful photos, but even a more beautiful sentiment from Kim. I love that quote and Kim's inspiration of embracing simplicity.

  • onesilentwinter

    i feel very lucky to have kim write these things about me. she is truly a beautiful person and i am made better knowing i can call her a friend. if we are to talk about inspiration that i would highlight what she wrote in bold letters and send them back to her, because she is as authentic as they come and a great inspiration to me.

    thank you estelle for kindly hosting these post.