Creative Crush: Messages of beauty with Marisa of Creative Thursday

Each Friday, a special blogger friend shares their current Creative Crush – whatever is cause for inspiration at this very moment. This week, I’m happy to have Marisa from Creative Thursday. Marisa’s blog was one of the first that I really connected with when I started blogging. Through blog posts, podcasts, online classes and, of course, her art – Marisa shares her thoughts and feelings with total authenticity. One peak into her world and you just want to pull up a chair and chat the day away over a pot of tea in hopes that some of her wisdom might rub off on you. Bottom line: Marisa has so much goodness to share.


I’ve been committed to making some personal changes lately. As someone who is perpetually ‘in progress’, this isn’t new for me, however the dedication with which I’m approaching these changes this time, is.  
We all talk about appreciating our day to day lives. We know how to do it, and much of the time we do. Yet all too often we find ourselves falling into the trap of noticing what’s not working versus what is. Noticing what went wrong before noticing all that is already right. This commitment I have to noticing the latter is causing me to become super aware of how I view and translate the world around me in every moment of every day. 
What I want to say is that what you choose to surround yourself with matters. It can be the difference between having a great day or just an ok day. As a visual artist and designer this is one of the reason I do the work I do. It’s so rewarding to know that I’m contributing a little bit of happiness to someone just because they walk by a piece of my art that they have on their walls everyday, or they follow me on Instagram :) . Which speaking of! one of the best parts of carrying around my Iphone, especially the new 4S with its amazing camera! is how much it inspires me to do more of this – notice, record and share what inspires me creatively and makes me happy. 
So I want to share two things with you today that are my recent Creative Crushes.One is my new doormat. Seriously, with such big bold letters, in rich and vibrant colors – how will I ever forget that everything really is all about LOVE. 

And the second one is this bench that is newly placed throughout my city, Los Angeles. Now L.A. certainly can be a pretty place to visit but there are parts of the city, like any big city, that challenge the concept of beauty. A field of flowers scattered throughout the urban landscape, every time I drive by one of these benches it makes me smile.  Wouldn’t you feel even happier if you sat on a bench of flowers?

Never underestimate the power in the messages and beauty you choose to surround yourself with. 
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  • Jen C

    "What I want to say is that what you choose to surround yourself with matters." I got chills reading that. I've been trying to be mindful of this and I can't tell you what an incredible difference it makes.

    And this: "Yet all too often we find ourselves falling into the trap of noticing what's not working versus what is." I need that reminder often.

    Thank you!!