Creative Crush: Living with Plants with Trina of La La Lovely

Each Friday, a special blogger friend sharestheir current Creative Crush – whatever is cause for inspiration at this verymoment. This week, I’m happy to have Trina from La La Lovely. We met at Alt, but didn’t really get to talk until we shared a cab with Melissa to the airport. What a doll. She’s so easy to talk with and I just wanted to sit down over a cup a tea and chat the morning away. Instead we hauled our tired selves through security and parted ways with hugs and promises of next year, next year. She’s yet another reason I’ll happily return to Salt Lake City in January. And I share her Creative Crush – big time. In fact, I’m typing this under the shadows of our own ancient fiddle leaf fig. 

These days I just can’t seem to get away from the soothingsights of house plants. And maybe “house plants”is not the best way to put it, as that term conjures up fake ficus trees or apotted fern, at best. Rather, I’m dreaming up groupings of live greens; somewild, some manicured, some leafy and even some that are prickly. Littlevignettes of lively leafs living indoors are just something spectacular to lookupon. 

I’m always looking for easy ways to add a little style tomy home and perk up a space and lately it seems I keep coming back to plants. Ithink there is something so very peaceful about looking at leafygreens throughout the day, especially if you find yourself stuckindoors during the long winters. They just seem to have a calming effect. It’sproven that plants actually help your health as they make your air quality evenbetter. What other piece of decor can do that for you? And, I recently readthat the color green is soothing, relaxing (both mentally and physically), andhelps alleviate depression and anxiety. Another added bonus to the beauty.
Yes, plants are pretty and yes, they even filter the airwe breathe, but I have to tell you, what I love most is that living with greeneryads a magical element. There is just something so whimsical about wild leafygreens growing about indoors (like the tall Fiddle Leaf Fig, currently on mywish list). It’s like having a little piece of a secret garden in your home.
I’m always looking for ways to add a bit of magic to myhome. Aren’t you? I love the quote by Robert Southey that says, “There ismagic in the that little world, home; it is a mystic circle that surroundscomforts and virtues never known beyond its hallowed limits.”  So, inmy spare moments I’m hoping to group some greenery and create interest, addwhimsy, cultivate a little peace and sprinkle a little magic.
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  • sittingprettytoday

    I am a big lover of plants in the home. It was funny to link over to you from LaLaLovely, I was almost surprised to see the post on the topic, because I wanted to write about house plants as well. Have not seen a blog post on that topic yet.

  • Torrie

    with all of the gardening we've been doing, it amazes me that i'm a little overwhelmed with the thought of introducing house plants into our home. i guess i just don't know where to start!?

    i'm adding this post to my "to-do" list. i need to just jump right in. (even if only one plant :))

  • Adie Andrews

    For me puting a house plant at home is like buying a new piece of furniture and lately I am even reviewing the idea of removing some of the furniture and replace them with flowers. Greets check in report london