A little healthy self indulgence

My birthday was a couple weeks ago and it really was a good one. I was made to feel over-the-top special from sweet emails, beautiful cards, precious time with many loved ones and surprise gifts of the Meyer lemon tree variety. A sense of abundance and love is still heavy in the air.

So I’ll admit that I didn’t actually need a pair of pink vintage elbow length gloves or the vintage signed necklace. But oh, how I wanted them. Birthday gifts to myself I suppose. Tell me I’m not alone in justifying a little unnecessary splurge around your own birthday?

Neither broke the bank, but they absolutely felt extravagant to me. And I think that may be the best kind of self-indulgence.

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  • Mary

    Absolutely! We all deserve a little something special from time to time. Happy belated birthday!

  • rooth

    Those are some perfect presents and it's your birthday! You don't have to justify some purchases

  • Danielle (elleinadspir)

    I am not sure when you will wear those gloves (?!?!) but the necklace is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Courtney K

    Is this the necklace you were telling me about?! It's beautiful!! Definitely worth it.

  • katie//salt+pine

    It's good to treat yourself sometimes…I think it's one of those things that makes life special. :)

  • Maria @ Orchard Bloom

    these are beautiful! Happy belated birthday.

  • la la Lovely

    Happy Happy Birthday! Such pretties. You absolutely deserve them and sometimes the presents we buy ourselves are the most meaningful!
    xo . trina

  • Brandi {not your average ordinary}

    You must must must get yourself some pink gloves and a necklace! I always treat myself to something wonderful on my birthday, something that no one else would think of buying me. I think it's a necessity to remind yourself that you're special to yourself too.