Reunion style for the bohemian gal

Rachel Zoe Dress, blouse and jeans, Tory Burch tunic and shorts.

It’s getting real, friends. My 20th high school reunion is on the calendar and I’ll be attending this summer. This will be a first for me. I’m mostly excited because it means two of the nearest and dearest to my heart will make the trek from New Zealand and New York for the festivities. And honestly, I’m one of those people who generally enjoyed high school. So gathering to rehash and catch up doesn’t sound all-together horrible.

And since it seems I’ve purged all the black velvet from my teenage years I’ll clearly have nothing to wear. I’m not going to lie. I did like the idea of wearing a vintage (I do believe I just referred to my own wardrobe as vintage) prom dress but one girlfriend, who will remain unnamed, warned me that I had “better check myself” when I suggested it on a group email.

Consider myself properly checked and now, won’t you help me plan a proper outfit? Over the next few months I’ll post a series of round ups. Special pieces I think would be fun to wear for a walk down memory lane. Considering the location of my reunion, I’m pretty sure I’ll be leaning toward cocktail attire, but I think it’s fun to consider all the options.

I’m loving all three of these choices. Especially the Rachel Zoe number. Beachy waves for the hair and some rose-gold jewelry would help achieve that effortless glam look. Which would you choose?

P.S. This reminds me of a game we played in high school. Flipping through awful teen mags during prom season we’d compare two dresses – each one hideous in it’s own special way – and throw out the challenge “if you had to wear one – which would it be?” So fun. It’s also a good time with bridal magazines.

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  • Danielle (elleinadspir)

    I'd pick the middle look – hands down.

  • Anonymous

    i loved that prom dress picture game! i love the rachel zoe dress. i like the middle one too but the jeans are just too flared for me. and the last one has amazing shoes……but dont love the shorts.
    perhaps a trip to ny should be considered so we can pick something together……maybe even matching!

  • About Last Weekend

    The Rachel Zoe dress looks both fab and comfy and looks like you could have a good old knees up in it (which is key, Kiwis love to dance)

  • megan

    I am going for the Kiwi farmer 'uniform' of short shorts (stubbies) and a singlet (tank top). No shoes of course.

  • Estelle Hayes

    No shoes, eh? Naturally, Meg. I think it's a great idea that you would be thinking about working in your adopted kiwi culture.

    Tiff and I have already agreed on matching polk a dot dresses. You know, in homage to that unfortunate freshmen formal dress…

    I can tell this is going to be a long few months of planning and smack talking. Thanks for keeping things real, ladies.

  • Anonymous

    meg, i was hoping you could come in some of johnny's underwear…………..that was my favorite of your high school outfits.
    and stella, the freshman dress was not unfortunate, i was just way ahead of things in terms of fashion.

  • Farmgirl Paints

    Fun…I missed mine. It was just impossible to make. The middle of a move. I liked the middle one.

  • Torrie

    ha, ha… loving the smack talk :).

    ya know, i do really like the middle, but i'm leaning towards a dress.

  • Melissa J.

    love the Rachel Zoe dress…

  • Kristin

    That Rachel Zoe maxi is definitely my fave!

  • Cecile Boussier

    The dress looks fabulous! I see you live in the Bay Area and are concerned about the green way of life. One of my dear friends, Marion McKee, is a San Francisco fashion designer who created a local line of clothes called SUST (for sustainable). Not sure where she is distributed over there but wanted to share this with you, sounds like it may be a great fit for an addition to your wardrobe or just a fab topic for a high school reunion! Have fun, whatever you'll be wearing!

  • Simply Mel {Reverie}

    the dress is gorgeous, but save it for a real party where guests will actually appreciate what you are wearing. sorry, i attended sean's 10 year reunion and it scarred me for life. if h.s. was as cool as 90210, i would have been a fan and requested annual reunions. sadly, h.s. for me sucked major spit balls.

    but…if i had to chosse from these three ~ deux it would be.