Weekend snap: simple pleasures

I’m not a huge fan of holidays of most any sort. Actually, I’m a bit of an all-around scrooge. But last year Emerson’s enthusiasm got the best of me and I hung Christmas decorations, baked cookies and even made Valentine’s. Now she has me carving pumpkins (we grew them at our friend’s house). It was sweet and easy fun. But know this, I will never hang fake spiders from my porch or plastic skeletons from my trees. Jack-o-lanterns, on the other hand, I can get behind. We followed up the carving with a late afternoon Read More →

Succulents new to the shop

In keeping with my recent reignited garden love I’ve added a new grouping of greeting cards to the shop – all succulents! They are some of my all-time favorite photos and really happy memories. Two come from my own garden, two from a dreamy visit to Ojai and one from Flora Grubb. Just in case you’re ready to start holiday shopping. Yikes, can’t believe I just typed those words. Happy weekend, friends.

What makes a home?

“I’ve come to accept that I can’t count on anything to be permanent and it no longer matters. I know that if I ever leave this home, I will make another. If I ever lose my garden, I will plant another. What I crave is a place that slows me down and reconnects me with nature, the sea, the trees, the night cried of the animals. I picked this place to be my home; I wasn’t born into it. I picked it, and now I have grown into it.” -From Slow Love, by Dominique Browning I Read More →

Weekend snap: sunshine and calm

Join me in willing it to be a calm, peaceful and ease-filled week. I’m soaking in every bit of sunshine imaginable. Still loving my late-season gardening opportunities. (I planted kale yesterday – my first ever cool weather crop!) I also lovingly fertilized my kumquat tree which, sadly, didn’t produce fruit this year. I’m determined to have that plant dripping with orange drops of sweetness next summer. I’ve got two new “Lil’ Ollies”, or dwarf olive trees, that need fresh fresh soil for their new home on my porch. They are the just the cutest. Anywho, Read More →

You can’t be what you can’t see

Last month I had the pleasure of watching a special sneak peek at Lisa Siebel Newsom’s film, MissRepresentation. It’s a powerful (and disturbing) look at the ways in which women are portrayed in media and the impact this is having on young girls. But it’s not just depressing (although, I’m not going to lie – it’s a sad state of affairs when your average tween aspires to a Kardasian lifestyle as apposed to that of an Olympian or astronaut) it’s also full of inspiration. It’s a great conversation starter for classroom and families – this Read More →

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