So long, New York

We all did it up in style last night in honor of our last night in Manhattan. My husband came home with a paycheck’s worth of Laduree macarons and champagne and then we had a moment of parenting weakness and let Emerson indulge in a toxic mix food coloring with sugar. Gross, I know. But damn if she didn’t talk to those buttons the entire walk home. Her new best friends. It was pretty great. We keep wondering if she’ll remember any bit of this whirlwind adventure. Will she hold on to one or two Read More →

A natural playground

Children make the very best artists, in my opinion. Watching littles create a world of make-believe out of sticks and stones is pretty magical. We’re crushing pretty hard on all things Central Park on this trip. This vast expanse of nature in the middle of the go-go city will never grow tired to me and my girl. It seems there is a new discovery just waiting to be had around each bend. I’m pretty sure Emerson was conducting a symphony of imaginary musicians here. But all I could think of was how precariously close she Read More →

Weekend snap: balloons

Imagine the possibilities, the endless potential for adventure, inspiration, creating. Hook a dream to a balloon and see where it takes you. Happy Monday, friends.

Magic moments

Not gonna lie. New York has been a dream. Full of long walks through Central Park, coffee breaks in tiny cafes that look more like film sets and hours of wandering the streets imagining what life would really be like if we actually called this city home. My husband really wants to move here. He’s east coast to the core. I love a good adventure but the older I get the more attached I become to my California roots. I need my trees and my ocean – at my finger tips. Don’t get me wrong, Read More →

Taking Manhattan: toddler style

It looks like I may be iPhoning it in for the next few days. New York is a total whirlwind of crazy and there just isn’t a spare moment to download and edit images. So just a quick update. If you follow me on Twitter you got my #WIE2011 spam. It was an amazing and inspiring two days. Lots of women doing crazy, brave stuff. I have tons to share, but I need to process and collect my thoughts. More on that soon, promise. More importantly, Emerson is taking to city life like a pro. Read More →

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