Driving the inspiration today

Working with some purple paisley in between finishing samples for the shop and I just had to share. I am happiest in my little studio space. Fan is whirling away and music is almost always blasting from my wee workhorse iPhone. I go through music binges while I work. Grateful Dead dominated April and May. Last week, I listened to David Sedaris’ collected works. I just never tire of bitter sarcasm. Today, it’s all Dire Straits (minus the truly unforgivable “Money for Nothing”). Mark Knopfler makes me want to play guitar. Cause I’m sure that Read More →

Living the luxe life in my mind

Let me just preface – I don’t usually do this. Shopping gives me hives and I’m generally terrible at making decisions. I’ve been looking for bedding for more than five years…if that is any indication of my inability to decide. In my mind, I have it all picked out, but when it comes to execution I’m a curled up in the corner rocking from the very thought of commiting. But now that we’re seriously thinking of moving next year, I’ve been imagining my new dream living quarters, which today would need to be furnished around Read More →

Summer slump

Yard sale? Check. Date night at Mountain Winery? Check. Popsicle making and eating? Check and check. So far, the summer list of goals is keeping me motivated and focused on a few simple priorities. But even my most diligent inner task master can’t keep me from a bit of a summer slump. I mostly start each morning with an itch to run away for a couple of days. Point the car south without reservations and explore new beaches or old haunts. The scenery around these parts is getting stale. Until yesterday, I’d done nothing in Read More →

Psst, a bit of news

Happy Friday, friends. This was to be a quick check in. Just a note to tell you that I’m making good on my summer list with big plans of a yard sale tomorrow morning and possibly a train ride through the redwoods on Sunday. But then I started getting a little jumpy and itchy. See, in all my other waking hours this weekend I’ll be working on my new Etsy shop. I’m a little nutty over it and I couldn’t keep the secret going for a moment longer. I’ll have a few of my favorite Read More →

Wishful thinking at Reverie Daydream – a guest post

Do you still make wishes when you spot a shooting star? When blowing out the candles on your birthday cake? While tossing pennies in a fountain? I’ve been a serious wisher of dreams for as long as I can remember. Won’t you join me over at Melissa’s lovely blog for a little wishful thinking?

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