In case of emergency

Do you ever get the blues? Down in the dumpity dumps for no particular reason? I generally try to keep my sweet life in perspective, but I get sucked down into the abyss from time to time. Marisa talked about this concept ages ago. The idea is to make a short list of things you can easily do to turn your mood around. She inspired my list – my in case of emergency list. If you catch me rocking quietly in the corner check to see if I’ve tried any or all of the following. Sometimes we Read More →

Swanton makes me swoon and #2 on the summer list

My girlfriend and I took the kids strawberry picking at the beach last weekend. Swanton Berry Farm is one of the oldest organic farms in California and it’s a lovely day trip if you’re in Northern California. The berries are perfect right now and after you fill your baskets there’s a great little cafe full of vintage toys for the kids, couches for lounging with Mexican hot chocolate, coffee, homemade jam, strawberry shortcake and yes, more berries if you don’t feel like putting in the labor. And it’s all on the honor system. It’s generally Read More →

Summer list 2011

Cake inspiration from Apollinas via Pretty Mommy. With summer officially underway, I’ve found myself back to planning mode. Since Emerson arrived on the scene I’ve grown to love the summer months (I used to be more of a fall lovin’ lady). But now when it warms up, I start craving homemade ice cream, lazy picnics and berry picking adventures. Last summer’s list of goals was hugely motivating and helped me focus on the few simple pleasures and some ambitious projects that were important to me. The truth is, I sort of love being accountable to Read More →

Dresses for the sexes

The prospect of dressing for this event really stumped me. Probably because Hollywood is not exactly my playground and it’s been years since I went to a party with a capital P. I went through my own closet but I knew deep down I wanted something special and new. I hit up Anthropology and quickly narrowed it down to the two selections above. Texted my husband and two trusted girlfriend for thoughts. To be clear, I LOVED the long dress. It satisfied my current obsession for cobalt blue and the tiny brass buttons made me very happy. Read More →

Party files: starlight, starbright

Dreamy starlight print via Etsy. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the stars, the nighttime sky, constellations. All the things you notice when you have quiet moments to simply stare out into the sky. Grown up life seems to be filled with stuff to do in the evenings. Dishes, laundry, bed time stories, TV and general zoning inside. Now that summer has officially hit I’d like to make some time for some outdoor zoning. Star gazing to be exact. I’d love for Emerson to know the exhilaration of spotting a shooting star or identifying Read More →

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