Creative Crush: Crocheting with A Village Life

Each Friday, a special blogger friend shares her current Creative Crush – whatever is cause for inspiration at this very moment. Today I’m happy to welcome Megan from A Village Life. Megan is a friend from way, way back. We’re talking pre-driver’s license years. I could wax on about her for ages but what is most important to mention today is that her beautiful family welcomed a third baby girl to the mix on Wednesday. Tui Ann finally arrived (she was nearly two weeks late!) and she is vision of cute. No doubt baby Tui Read More →

Pretty Clean: Sunscreen picks at Practically Green

Sunscreen weather has finally arrived. Although, my family bathes in the stuff year-round (we are a fair bunch) I realize many only break out the protection in the warmer and sunnier of months. I’m guesting over at Practically Green today with a mini round up of my go-to sunscreens. Check it out and let me know if you have found any other safe and clean alternatives. Remember, we’re trying to rid our daily intake of parabens, nano-toxins, synthetic fragrances and generally any yucky additives. Also, I highly recommend spending 10 minutes to take the Practically Read More →

A few things

Parenting is hard. I had cookies for breakfast. My three year-old screams a lot. It hurts my ears. Yellow #5 + sodium benzoate = increased risk for childhood cancers. Shit. I wish Emerson didn’t love Peeps. I watched the final scene from Knocked Up yesterday for the sole purpose of having a good cry. Thank you, E! Channel. You get me everytime. P.S. I’m lacking a little sparkle in my step these days. Feel free to spam me with photos of glitter, unicorns or rainbows.  

Pretty Clean: hair care and a winner

First off: I loved hearing from each of you about the products that plague you most. It sounds like many of us our in the same boat. We’re looking for affordable, safe and effective personal care products. From toothpaste to nail polish. I’m with you and I’ve got a little bit of feedback on my shampoo and conditioner experiment. But before we jump in – Faith of Leaves and Feathers won the book giveaway. She’s a gem of a blogging friend and a truly inspired working artist. I’m so happy to send this book to Read More →

Party files: circus fest

Emerson turned three is grand fashion and the circus-themed party went down without much of a hiccup. If you don’t count the epic meltdown over the cutting of the cake. I didn’t see that coming. We took tons of Polaroid-style photos (thanks to Fuji for carrying on the instamatic tradition) in the smile booth, little ones jumped in a bounce house and had various pictures painted on their chubby cheeks and arms. And grown ups feasted on mimosas and chocolate croissants. It was my kind of party. But, it flew by and didn’t take nearly Read More →

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