Studio update and stuff I’ve made

So much for the fury, friends. This week has been straight survival mode. Big thanks for all the “oral surgery sucks” commiserating. I do appreciate that, I do. My brain is a jumbled mess of stuff and my mouth hurts. Wah. In slightly less sad sacky news, I finished Emerson’s party dress and some carney-themed bunting. She tried it on and got down with the most awesome toddler jam I’ve ever seen. Seriously proud mama moment. (I managed a zipper and only had to rip it out once. Progress.) Also, I thought I had finished Read More →

Boo to the hoo

I had some oral surgery yesterday. Sleeping through it was the best part. But now I’m sort of a puddle of pity and things are starting to swell. I feel like Emerson looked when she went through her long and torturous “I’ll lick the windows until you fools let me out” stage. Teething was a sloppy party around these parts. Hoping to come back with some fury tomorrow.

Creative Crush: All that’s gold with Wide Open Spaces

Each Friday, a special blogger friend shares her current Creative Crush – whatever is cause for inspiration at this very moment. Today I’m happy to welcome Emily from Wide Open Spaces. Emily is a big reason I’m blogging today. Her blog inspired me in many ways when I was toying with the idea of a blog. I loved that she talked about family, art, design, DIY and books. (If you were not following along with her adoption journey last year than I highly recommend you check out her archives. It felt like an honor and a Read More →

Memoirs of the sun

I promise I am not complaining about the rain. It’s fine, really. A wee inconvenience in an otherwise blissful life. But just two weeks ago, we were running around San Francisco in short sleeves and sunglasses. Eating outside, sipping coffee in a blinding mid-morning light. Frantically applying sunscreen and oogling blooming plants of all kinds at Flora Grubb.  It was crazy California fun. I’m just looking forward to a little more of that, is all. What’s the first thing you will do when springtime weather comes to stay?

Party Files: Easter egg hunting

Image via Purl Bee. This egg hunting sack tutorial from the Purl Bee has me adding yet another project to my studio list – which brings me to nine. I’ve got my work cut out for me, but that’s a post for another day. I love Easter. It’s probably my favorite holiday. What with all the candy, pretty colored eggs and frilly dresses. What’s not to love? (My mom came over last week with three new brightly colored dresses for Emerson, which might explain where my Easter love-affair began.) Can’t wait to fill a little felt Read More →

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