A plan b weekend

Sick kids have a way of superseding the best of plans. Play dates, soup making, dress sewing, blog writing, garden tending – it all has a way of fading to the fuzzy background. I’m usually quite amazed to see how it all ends up working itself out and time is found or created for all the projects and tasks that were begrudgingly set aside while tending to a fever. No question that all the extra snuggles are worth the extra long To-Do list. Happy Monday, friends. P.S. Emerson is back to her fierce self – Read More →

Creative Crush: Graphite love with Little Blue Deer

Each Friday, a special blogger friend shares her current Creative Crush – whatever is cause for inspiration at this very moment. Today I’m happy to welcome Shari from Little Blue Deer. Her blog is a daily source of inspiration and she’s a super talented designer. (She recently redesigned my banner) Only Shari could leave me wanting for more shades of black in my life.  I am currently obsessed with graphite!  As anyone who reads little blue deer knows, I adore black, gray and all shades in between.  I love deep, rich textures, and monochrome, and graphite.  I know we Read More →

Three free polish (and a note)

First off, thank you for the support yesterday. I really appreciate all of those who commented, tweeted, blogged and generally sent kind words in response to my Huffington Post blog. I ever appreciate those who expressed no-so-kind messages. That truly is the beauty of living in a country where freedom of speech is honored and upheld. I am beyond thankful for that privilege. The issue of unregulated chemicals in our personal care products is important to me. I will continue to write and speak about it in public forums and when it’s appropriate I’ll share Read More →

Your body is a wasteland; my Huffington Post blog

The issue of harmful chemicals allowed in American cosmetics weighs heavy on my mind every day. Since learning that virtually each personal care product I use – from lip balm to sunscreen – is packed with unregulated, scary stuff I’ve started to obsessively research the subject. Today, I have my first blog up on Huffington Post, called “The Chemicals in Your Cosmetics.” I would greatly appreciate your support here, friends. Please take a moment to check it out and consider leaving a comment, tweeting it or liking it on Facebook. I’d also love to hear your Read More →

Party Files: birthday sprinkles

Photo via How Sweet It Is, found on Birthday Girl.With Emerson’s 3rd birthday fast approaching, I’ve been trolling for party inspiration. Pretty sure I’ve settled on a vintage circus/carnival theme. More on that to come as the planning unfolds. In the meantime, my birthday is just around the corner and I’m thinking that this cake batter bark would go swimmingly with a pile of confetti, sequin shoes and rainbow lights – my very own imaginary fete.

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