Winter garden magic

California had the most amazing splash of sunshine last weekend. It was bliss. And as I type this I do feel bad for my friends and family who live most anywhere else in the States at the moment. I do realize we are blessed and spoiled and soft. The unseasonal warmth has me dreaming of sunflowers and fresh herbs and basically anything garden-y. It’s a bit premature to dig in my yard as I’m quite sure we are not past the last frost, so instead we paid a family visit to Hakone Gardens, one of my favorite scenic spots.

Almost nothing was in bloom and the Koi were not eating (apparently they fast through the winter?) but streams of sunshine danced throughout the garden, making for a truly inspired Sunday morning. Anyone else plotting their plans for Spring? Mine involve a planter box overflowing with herbs and another filled with wildflowers. I’ll keep you posted if you promise to share with me, too.

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  • Mel

    I have crazy spring fever!!! sick – it's mid-Jan. We are planning on doing tons of weeeding and pruning up this weekend and just generally giving the yard a clean up so that when we make it through the frost we can focus on planting and bigger projects. So exciting!!! Let's hope we stay motivated if it's sunny and don't just hop on our bikes and pretend like we have nothing to do. btw, my sweet pea shoots are up!

  • Torrie

    Yes- for sure. We built planter boxes (well, not "we"- Ryan) last year, but it was a bit late, and it was our first time planting seeds. It did okay, but definitely a learning curve from previous years. So, this year, we are determined to plant early, and use a couple of our new gardening books to 'yield' success!!

    I look forward to your updates! :)

  • Anonymous

    this winter has been unbelievable here!!!! the idea of spring is sooooooooo far off that i cant even imagine it. i assume that it will come. and assume also that i will be really happy when it does!! as for plans……….perhaps ill walk around the neighborhood at not "holy shit just get me inside" pace. maybe ill go running in less than 200 layers. and maybe it wont take us an extra 20 minutes just to get the damn door because of mittens, boots, hats and god knows what else.
    bitter? perhaps.