Soup Monday: herbed roasted carrot (and a lesson)

Kitchen mojo is officially back. Making soup these past few weeks has given me a little bit of drunken confidence in the kitchen. I’m realizing that with a few essential seasonings (salt and fresh herbs) it’s really hard to mess up a soup of any kind. I’ve long been a recipe slave. Diligently reading and re-reading ingredients and steps as if man’s survival depended on my accuracy. Let’s just say I’m pretty good at following directions and rules are deeply comforting. But lately, I’ve been adding butter, omitting dill (gross) and generally making up my Read More →

A way off the path

A few months ago I left the safety and comfort of my job. Walked away from a retirement plan and benefits, an office and an IT department. No question it was the right decision and probably a bit over due but it was (and still is) a little scary and painful. Not much about freelance life has felt natural to me. I am having to establish new working rituals and routines and good habits for managing myself. For someone who has happily worked for others since high school, this solo mission has presented all sorts of new challenges and no doubt Read More →

Like I’m twelve

It should be noted here that at some point in my youth I bagged up all these teen rags for the trash. Naturally, my mother intervened and hoarded saved them for a later date. Sometimes cooler heads do prevail. She dropped them on my back porch yesterday in anticipation of a little girls get-together this evening. There will be wine and something sweet to eat and hopefully a few make-up and hair styling tips from the likes of Molly Ringwald and Debbie Gibson.  P.S. If anyone is in the market for a Ricky Schroeder poster Read More →

Soup Monday: not exactly white bean

Two weeks into meal planning and Sunday soup making and I’ve found myself terribly over-confident in the kitchen. I figured I would make a white bean and herb soup puree and just sort of wing the recipe with, you know, a little of this and a little of that. The result was not so much thick, creamy puree and more essence of white bean salty warm water. Odd. Not so much bad but certainly not something I would purposefully repeat. You don’t need a photo or a recipe – take my word for it. Thankfully, Read More →

Winter garden magic

California had the most amazing splash of sunshine last weekend. It was bliss. And as I type this I do feel bad for my friends and family who live most anywhere else in the States at the moment. I do realize we are blessed and spoiled and soft. The unseasonal warmth has me dreaming of sunflowers and fresh herbs and basically anything garden-y. It’s a bit premature to dig in my yard as I’m quite sure we are not past the last frost, so instead we paid a family visit to Hakone Gardens, one of Read More →

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