Dreaming of a dress

Love this Halston Heritage dress. We like to spend New Year’s Eve on the couch. Safe and warm with a bottle of champagne and a good movie. But this year, I’d love to step it up and spend the evening in this dress (on the couch with the champagne and TV, etc.) Do you have any plans for New Year’s Eve?

I’m thankful: Toddler thoughts

You may have noticed that I’ve been feeling a wee lost of late. Down and out. A bit pissed off. Generally bitter. I don’t particularly like myself this way but there is no ignoring a mood. Yesterday, Melissa’s post pulled me out (momentarily) of my slump and reminded me that there is something in everyday to be thankful for. It was a message I needed to hear. I’m doing my best here so please hang in with me while I attempt an experiment with gratitude. Today I am so very thankful for Emerson’s enthusiasm. Specifically, for Read More →

Randomness is all I have

Image found on the decorista. I came across this image over the weekend while throwing myself a most epic pity party. It’s a low moment in life when you realize you’ll never be that girl in the picture. Not that it was ever an option, but at this stage that ship has surely sailed. And that’s something to mourn, yes? For a long, ugly moment I really wanted to be this tiny and beautiful one. And then it hit me that she’s probably pretty hungry. And cold. And I’d be willing to bet that her Read More →

The things we do (for the children)

I like Christmas about as much as I love Halloween, which is to say, not at all. For a million and one reasons I find the holiday season insufferable. Every year, I have the same fantasy where I go to sleep just before Thanksgiving and wake up a few days into the new year. I like to think of it as my own little holiday hibernation. But as Emerson continues to grow, it turns out she is also highly impressionable. She notices decorations and lights and is currently obsessed with our neighbor’s “snowman” which doesn’t Read More →

Stuff I want

Danielle included my holiday wish list today on her blogger round-up. Check it and see if you can guess which beauty I have already ordered for myself. This was fun, Danielle. Thanks for including me. Bonus, there’s a photo of Emerson when she was a bald baby. Before we knew she would be a bundle of crazed red curls.

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