Must have done something good

Do you watch Oprah? I mostly avoid her. It’s not that I don’t admire her for all the right reasons, it’s just that I’ve been traumatized one too many times by those episodes that feature unthinkable things and personal experiences you just never want to know about. It’s the same reason I stopped watching ER two episodes in and why you couldn’t pay me to watch Dateline or any local news. Ever. I’m a little sensitive. Moving on. My girlfriend, Melissa, tipped me off to today’s Oprah. Set your Tivos, friends, if you’re a super Read More →

Unexpected inspiration

A couple weeks ago, we visited my alma mater to see Michael Moore accept the Steinbeck Award, which is given each year to an artist, thinker or activist who has made a significant contribution to causes that matter to the common person. Really, it’s a fitting tribute to a man who dedicated his writing life to shining a light on the plights of ordinary and often, marginalized people among us. It’s been said that John Steinbeck was the conscience of our country. I think there is painful beauty in that idea. And there is possibly nothing our culture needs more these days than a bit Read More →

Seasonal blues

Two images above from Scout & Catalogue. This started out as a post about how bent out of shape I am about the change of seasons. My mood has not entirely improved from yesterday. I’ve been cold for a week and I’m already bored. I’m not up for boots or cozy sweaters and I certainly don’t want the added responsibility of carrying an umbrella, just in case. I want to live where sundresses can be worn all year round and flip flops are the only form of shoes required.  Thankfully, I found Scout & Catalogue. Read More →

Hoping for a rainbow

I’d call it a case of the Mondays, but these blues have been chasing me for nearly a week. I’m seriously hoping for a change in attitude and perspective soon. So, Universe, consider this my official request. Emerson and the neighbor boys drew huge double rainbows last week and they made the best welcome home vision at the end of each day. Steady rain washed away their sidewalk chalk, but for a quick second on Saturday I spotted out the kitchen window all the colors running together. It was a rather glorious moment in an otherwise Read More →


Today is my seven-year wedding anniversary. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t really want one of those cream puffs for dinner tonight. And that I wouldn’t mind having a bouquet of flowers to match my bridal bouquet. And that I’d totally put my wedding gown on tonight if there was a chance in hell I could zip it shut. And that I still tear up at the sound of a bag pipe player. But, honestly, I wouldn’t turn back time for anything. I’m so much happier in quite possibly every aspect of my Read More →

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