Summer list: the recap

Despite the triple digit heat wave hitting California, Fall is here and so it’s to address the summer list and my undone ambitions. The list was amazingly motivating. There really is something to putting goals out into the world. It seems the accountability factor can make all the difference – at least for me. So, I have to thank my friends (from real life and blog life alike) for checking on my progress, requesting chocolate cake on a specific day and time and for leaving kind and encouraging comments. I read them over and over in times of Read More →

Bit of housekeeping

I started this pillow-case dress back in March and simply could not bring myself to finish the hem. During Emerson’s nap yesterday I finally relented. When I tried to show her what mommy had lovingly made, she replied with a wag of her finger and look of disgust and said “no mommy, I don’t like that dress.” So I am left my own sense of accomplishment to keep me warm at night. That and these lounge pants that only took eight years to finish. I started them during my first sewing class. Again, with the Read More →

When hoarding pays

I’ve been hoarding long before it became cool. Let’s just say I learned from the best. And actually, what I mean by that is that I’ve been attempting to unlearn my mother’s ways for a lifetime. But really, sometimes, the hoarder in me prevails. And then I think “Thanks, Mom. You’re right. One never knows when the need for a newspaper from 1987 might pop up. But when it does, I know exactly where to go for it.” And I wish that were an exaggeration. But seriously, have you heard that camel is huge for Read More →

Modern day hero

Jim Henson is one of a handful of modern artistic heroes that shaped my life. This is a man to committed so fully to his artistic vision and he did it with kindness and an awesome sense of humor. I love that. It’s no secret I’m a big Sesame Street groupie. But I also really loved the Muppet Show and of course, the Muppet Movie. (The soundtrack was on regular rotation throughout my formative years). So it won’t surprise you to know I cried real tears when he died, as did my mom. Side note: is there anything worse than seeing Read More →

Not a cheese cake

If you are looking for a way to get more goat cheese into your diet, I would highly recommend this method. Seriously, it’s not just for salads anymore. The ingredients and steps to this cake are fairly simple and if you don’t beat the living daylights out of the egg whites and then forget the whole thing in the oven for an extra 10 minutes it will probably look even prettier than mine. And the taste is straight luxury. It’s sort of a light lemon custard and it’s a perfect pairing with the berries. I Read More →

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