Guesting at Pretty Mommy

I’ve got a little daydream up over at Pretty Mommy. Michelle is taking a much deserved break and invited me to share my “off the grid” fantasy. This is pretty much my go-to daydream so this was easy pickins’ for me. Do check it out and let me know if you ever dare to imagine a life outside of the one you know. And then take a peek at her lovely shop, full of just about everything I want for Christmas.

Party for your Monday

Happy Monday, Friends! I’m starting my week with Michelle of Studio Surface. She hatched a great plan for a little online progressive party. So maybe you found yourself here through {Me}Longings (thanks, Chanee) and if so, welcome.  I’m so happy you came by. Were you to actually be sitting in my living room, I’d offer you a mimosa (light on the juice) or a strong cup of coffee (heavy on the cream) – depending on your plans for the rest of the morning. Of course, chocolate croissants would be cooling on a rack. You won’t Read More →

Again with the tiny

Crazy cute charm necklace by Janie Cox. I’m pretty sure I need this tiny necklace. The engraved note card won me right over. And speaking of small, shiny objects… are you watching the Rachel Zoe Project? I’m totally under her dumb-dumb spell. When she comes on the picture box, I simply cannot look away. There is comfort in watching people obsess so completely over “white moments” on the red carpet. It just makes my own worries feel so, I don’t know, insignificant. Go ahead and judge me.

All things small

One of my succulents has recently become a neighborhood cat toy. I’ve stepped out on the back porch on more than one occasion to find several sad little stems strewn across the pavement. As a last ditch effort to save my babies, I made a tiny little bouquet for my window sill and I’m hoping the succulents will sprout new roots. Any botanists out there willing to weigh in on the likelihood of self propagation? While I wait, I’m happy to enjoy a tiny arrangement fit for Thumbalina’s wedding day. Remember Thumbalina? She slept in half a walnut Read More →

Style envy

Stunning wedding of Artemis and Nao spotted on 100 Layer Cake. I cannot shake this wedding. Seriously, there are some really charming DIY touches, but I can’t get past the dress. Hippie boho chic is just beyond my reach. I long to pull it off, but any attempt usually leaves me feeling frumpy and looking, well, dumpy. Here it is done to perfection. And I feel a big fat lady crush coming on… Her mom made the cake. How sweet is that? And that little vintage belt is brilliant. The couple spent their wedding night in a beautifully Read More →

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