Time for a refresh

Photo by Alexandra Grablewski, via 100 Layer Cake. I’m finding toddlerhood a tough transition. And not for the obvious reasons. Yes, Emerson’s emotions are epic and her meltdowns are exhausting, but I can deal with those. I’m fighting potty training and big girl beds. It’s all happening so fast and I miss my little baby. I know, I know, she’ll always be my baby, but now she has a head full of hair and visible wrists and I can’t help it – I’m a little shmoopy about the whole thing. It is my ultimate goal Read More →


Found these treasures at the Alameda Flea earlier this month. I have not one clue as to what to do with any of it, but I simply could not leave them languishing. For now, I’m happy to let them brighten my sewing table. Not pictured: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent buttons, just waiting to fancy up some sleeves.

All sorts of random

Magazine clip from Elegant Bride, Winter 2004. While flipping through wedding magazines one afternoon in a bookstore (more than a year after my wedding, please don’t judge me) I stumbled upon this slightly freaky picture of, wait for it, me! Apparently, moments after our wedding ceremony, I was gripping a glass of champagne with my mouth frozen wide open. Mind you, I had no idea this photo had been submitted by my photographer and no idea the magazine had plans to use it, although, they had featured a few images from our wedding earlier in Read More →

Crazy color love

Dreamy cocktail napkins via Purl Soho. Just when I was feeling all focused around my creative life, Purl had to go and throw fabric paint into the mix. Hell yeah, I want some hand-painted cocktail napkins. Who wouldn’t? This project is first up on a Fall Punch List. They will be the perfect addition to my ice cream social. My head is spinning.

Check three: homemade ice cream

I made a Ben and Jerry’s base recipe (recommended by Danielle) and added a chopped up organic dark chocoloate bar, chunks of ripe cherries and slivers of toasted almonds. It was easy and the result was crazy spectacular, if I do say so myself. I’m thinking an ice cream social is in order because I do believe I’m hooked on the churned cream and sugar. Maybe I’ll add that to a Fall Punch List, which is about as appropriate as chrocheting a wool blanket in the dead of summer, but weird is just the way Read More →

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