Plugging away

I’m just three long days away from once again having a partner in parenting and life. My husband is at the tail end of his epic business trip and let’s just say we are all looking forward to his safe return. He has a blog up on Huffington Post about a few of his memerable experiences from the past three weeks, which took him from Shanghai to South Africa. Please do check it out.

Lady power

Photo by Celine Kim via Make Something. If there is one thing this blog world is long on it’s creativity. I am all too often lost in a sea of beautiful photography, inspired by people who spend precious free time creating lovely things and sharing them among wide-eyed followers. While I eagerly eat up the visual inspiration, I get a real charge reading supportive comments and genuine posts that celebrate the success of another’s project. It is beyond refreshing to read encouraging words. This idea of growing a supportive community and focusing on the positive Read More →

Studio update

Vintage trims and fabrics from my Grandmother’s stash. Seriously, it’s like a box full of candy.Still can’t get enough of those African stars. Vintage Heidi Golden Book bunting. And this painting. Well, really this frame. No, maybe the frame and the painting. Nostalgia is a dangerous feeling for a hoarder. It hung in my Grandparents’ living room my entire life. The more I look at it the more conflicted I feel about possibly painting the frame and discarding the painting. Any thoughts, friends?

Confessions of an eternal teenager

The boy band craze completely passed me by. I had plenty of shameful obsessions. Read: Corey Haim – RIP, purple eye shadow, multiple swatch watches on one wrist, etc. But I missed the boat on the synchronized dance routines and pretty boys singing. This, however, I totally get. It pretty much sums up what I would like to accomplish at work today. Enjoy. First spotted on Little Brown Pen.

Banned in Beijing

My husband is one week in to an epic three-week trip for work. I’m working hard to hold down the toddler fort. If I tried, I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve heard “Daddy on my airplane?” over the past seven days. Because you know everything is “MINE” now. And that’s fun, but not the point here. Last night, Tom texted to inform me that this here little blog is banned by the Chinese government. I’m curious, what do you think of that? I wanted him to check on all my favorite daily reads Read More →

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