A night out

One of my favorite pieces on display. I did not catch the artist’s name. But it was commissioned by SHFT and on close inspection you see that the letters are made up of used batteries and lit from behind with LED lights on top of a collage of entertainment magazine clippings. The batteries all came from microphones at E Entertainment Network. Love that.It took a lot to get us on the plane, down to Los Angeles for a real night out on the town without Emerson. In the end it was totally worth it. Emerson Read More →


Doecdoe bag via Creature Comforts. I really like this bag. The paint-by-numbers artwork, the message. It just works. Two years ago I was in the throws of post-I have a baby and all I want to do is cry and/or sleep syndrome. It was a low, dark and all together psychedelic time. Let’s just say I didn’t venture to my backyard for three months because visions of large black birds carrying my baby away kept me up at night. I was scared of birds, friends. Sure that sounds like a medical red flag now, but Read More →

Love this

Image via P is for Party. I’m helping to plan a baby shower this summer for an old friend. The issue of shower games came up and I got awfully uppity with my opinion. Let it be known that I am not a fan of the forced adult play. This, however, is about the loveliest idea I’ve ever come across. I’m lobbying hard, here. Here’s my list for Emerson. Dear baby, I hope you learn throughout your life I hope you are not afraid to be yourself I hope you love the life you make Read More →

Random goodness

Image by Rachelle Vance via This is Glamorous.What if you tried this today? Just start it right now and see what happens. Let me know how it goes, o.k.?And then, there’s this. A hand full of magic for your weekend. Photo from Look Left and Look Right via Milk.

Help wanted

Any thoughts on how to turn a frown upside down? This started out as a post about how much Sunday nights suck. It was the post where I complain about the soul crushing abyss that is the end of the weekend. Those hours where I stomp around my house making angry mental notes about everything that DID NOT GET DONE. Conveniently turning away from the piles of stuff accomplished. The nights that I toss and turn over nothing in particular. I’m not awake suffering from malnutrition or worried about losing my house to predatory lending Read More →

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