Rainbow connection

Rainbow card from Umbrella Prints.

My best friend from second grade, Kelley, had the best childhood bedroom. Her mom allowed both her girls to chose a wallpaper to cover one wall of their bedrooms and the other three walls got a coordinating paint color. Kelley rocked a repeating pattern of rainbows with lavender walls to accent, if I remember correctly. IT WAS AWESOME.

I wish I could say I’d be as cool as that with Emerson and let her choose her own decor in a couple years. But it’s hard to imaging medicating my inner control freak enough to go with that kind of flow. However, I’d be completely on board if she one day dreams of filling her room with rainbows

By the looks of Kelley’s blog and shop, Pocket Envy, all that color nurtured some seriously creative talent. Do check out her handmade diaper bags and accessories.

And don’t you think that elephant and rainbow card is frame-worthy?

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  • Leaves and Feathers

    I love all things from Umbrella Prints, and you know what…this post is reminding me of a post that you did (early fall?) with a picture of a gorgeous rainbow bedroom with color fading on the walls. I still can't get that picture out of my head! I think that when Carys is older I might have to follow your friend's mother's lead on decorating her room, I really like the idea of my little girl having a say in it. Also, I wanted to say how sweet it is that our dear girls share a birthday! I just love coincidences!

  • Danielle (elleinadspir)

    I love kel's bags. So fun and functional. Talented lady!!

  • Jensen Family

    OK, so first of all how did I not know this about Kelley? So talented. Cute bags that are functional?!? Heaven.
    Second of all, I totally had the rainbow wallpaper with pastel colors ALL over my room as a kid. Total love when I was 8 – TOTAL hate when I was about 14 (it just didn't go with my Bon Jovi & Duran Duran posters). Still can't do the rainbow thing at all – kinda gives me nightmares but I am having fun watching Dylan create his space the last few months..he's totally into it.

  • Mel

    I loved everything about going to Kelley's. Dancing to old records in the living room, the amazing gymnastics pics of her in the hallway(i seem to recall one where it looked like she was doing the splits on the moon!!)…and, above all, the rainbow bedroom!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Had no idea about her bags – fabulous! My mom made me a rainbow mobile for my birthday one year and I treasured it for years!!! Can't wait to help lark make her bedroom special. I already love kadens aquarium room and wonder how long before he'll find new inspiration.

  • Estelle

    Oh Melanie, Kelley's gymnastics photos were the BEST. I remember being so in awe of her and her gymnastics abilities. I thought for sure she was headed for the Olympics.

    Do you still have the rainbow mobile? Sounds so pretty.

  • Fern and Feather

    so cute… I love anything with elephants!

  • Kelley Cutforth

    Cracking up! I can't believe everyone remembers the rainbows! I'm with Melissa, I loved them when I was 8…but around 16 or 17 they were uber embarassing. But I'm glad to have touched so many of you :)

    I think I'll spend the rest of today with a big smile :)