Party lust

All photos by Kate Landers of Kate Landers Events, LLC.

Spotted this party inspiration by the very talented event planner Kate Landers over at Party Perfect and I knew straight away I would be taking some serious notes for a certain red-head’s future celebration. She’s a little young for her very special Madeline book (it’s safe on the top shelf while she grows out of her book abuse stage). Miss Kate suggests trying this theme for a four year old but I’m not entirely sure I can wait that long. I especially love the little red suitcases and the handmade capes for some very special francophiles.

We’re not exactly doing a theme this year, although I’m sticking to a mostly yellow and orange color palette, which I will surely share once we get past the big event. I’d love to know if you have pulled off a big theme party? Or do you prefer an old-fashioned cake and ice cream, pin-the-tail on the donkey approach?

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  • megan

    Oh my god, are you serious? This is the cutest party theme I've ever seen! Please tell me I'm invited if you ever do this one. Can we eat pain au chocolat too while we are at it?

  • Danielle

    I love this idea!!! You MUST do it!!!!!

    I love theme parties, but have had a hard time doing them. I can't seem to get everything to line up for me. I feel like I need a white tent that I can put up for parties so I can decorate 100% in theme and have it look like my vision. Instead I end up with my theme mixed with the party setting, mixed with the activity…it all gets kind of mixed up…if that makes any sense at all….

  • Leaves and Feathers

    SO cute! I love themed kids parties. We are having my daughter's birthday party this weekend with a Fairytale Fiesta theme. When is your little girl's party?

  • Jensen Family

    Love that idea! So cute!
    I do love theme parties that other people throw (and some day remind me to tell you about all the amazing ones thrown by a friend of a friend who is beyond creative with her daughter's parties)but like Danielle, have a hard time doing them myself. It sorta pushes me into crazy overdrive & I get a little insane. I like to stick with the old-fashioned cake & ice cream parties for my boys (and I think my family is grateful since the crazy lady remains dormant)

  • Kristin

    I'm trying to decide what to do for the dude in July. Big number 2! Last year we did a pirate theme and went all out. I'll probably go all out again. It's so hard not to. Ah ha ha

  • Appetite for Conversation

    I am loving all the red-with-blue color schemes I'm seeing these days. These are great!

  • Simply Mel


    I'm so saving this one in the birthday file for MUST DO! Absolutely LOVE it!

    This year, the crumb had a ballerina inspired party. Not over the top by any means, but very subtle. Used Etsy for many of the items (cupcake decor, banner, invites, goodie bag stuff). It was a lot of fun, and she loved it!

    Can't wait to see what you do!

  • paula

    this would be quite darling.

  • Mel

    So beyond cute! Definitely more for the mommy though at this age. You'd have darling pictures to look back at, but if you wait until she is 4 or 5, she'll remember it always! Even then, kids really just want to blow out candles and eat some cake. If you throw in a balloon of any variety they are as happy as can be. For me, the whole theme birthday party can be hard to pull off, so I say save them up and do a big one like this every few years or for milestone birthdays so they are always treasured at special events! p.s. if you do this party and i'm not invited, we won't be friends anymore.

  • shari @ little blue deer

    Oh, adorable! Just too cute! We don't have kids so I'm glad I can live vicariously through my blog friends' neat child stuff!