All images via Mint Velvet. Orignally spotted on This is Glamorous. Does any one have a super sweet girlfriend in the UK who wants to shop for my new summer wardrobe? I seriously want amost all that this shop has to offer. Why, oh why, do they not ship overseas? Please hold for an Emerson-like tantrum. I may be spending a wee bit too much time with my toddler.

Fresh air

Lovely chimes via At West End. I can just imagine sitting on the deck, sipping a cold beverage and listening to these chimes in the breeze all day long. It’s a recipe for a daydream for sure.


Photo by Ira Lippke for the New York Times. Michelle de la Vega transformed her garage into a home of perfection. I love everything about it. Especially the loft, but that, my friends, is an obsession for another day. Check out the rest of the photos with the story. It was the kick in the pants I needed at the tail end of last week. Inspired by this image, I shot an email off to my husband and notified him of the goal for our garage. He wrote back questioning why I would want my Read More →


Several of my earliest memories are of visiting my great grandmother, Estella, for whom I am named. She lived alone in a small apartment, not far from where I now live. She was well in to her 90s by the time I knew her and upon every visit had to be reminded as to who I was, who my mother was, what relation we had to her and why were were sitting at her kitchen table. We would work on jigsaw puzzles and sip iced tea of the instant variety. There was great comfort in Read More →

What’s not to love?

All images via EmersonMade.As if Emerson from EmersonMade wasn’t cool enough for her lovely name. Then she refashions (what I can only assume) is her wedding dress to show off her many fabric flower creations. You all know I would like nothing more than to do chores around the house in my wedding dress, right? Then she busts out these charming little wrist corsages and I am reminded that there is almost nothing more special than a wrist corsage. How could you not feel giddy and lady like and utterly adored while wearing one? And Read More →

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