She’s winning

Open letter to the irrational terrorist who sometimes sleeps in the room next to mine: First you win me over with your delicious jelly-roll thighs and ridiculous curly red hair. Sure, I questioned your genetic origins, considering the fact that your blue eyes seem to be for keeps. Remind me again how a Greek man and a French woman came together to make an Irish baby? Never mind, it’s not important. The point is, even when I question our kinship while you scoop out a fist full of butter cream icing from your mouth in Read More →

Party of one

Left to my own devices I go wild with the felt and paper products. I did, however, have the good sense not to touch that rotary cutter after a glass of wine. Did the solo mom thing all week and let me just say that is no party. But I did enjoy a couple quiet evenings of creative time. Solitude is a mysterious motivator for me. I made another felt garland and a banner with Emerson’s name – both for her upcoming birthday soiree. I suspect both pieces may become permanent features in her bedroom Read More →

Book love

Vintage Kids’ Books My Kid Loves. Such a great blog and Etsy shop. I’m not going to lie. When I first stumbled upon this site, my first thought was “bummer, wish I had thought of that”. But hat’s off to her because she does a great job highlighting classic books that first sparked our young imaginations. I highly recommend taking a peak at her finds. They will surely bring back heavy waves of nostalgia. My mother recently uncovered these two childhood favorites and she handed them over for me to share with Emerson. As little Read More →

Elleinad Spir has arrived

There are the friends we lunch with at work; the friends we meet for coffee and playdates and the friends we call upon in the middle of the night without worry of offending. I could not live without the ladies in that last category. And although I have not needed late night support for many moons it is those friends who would drop anything to hear about the latest life crisis throughout my teens and 20s who remain my solid sisters in spirit to this day. Danielle lands squarely in that sacred group. Check her Read More →

Holy Cuteness

Custom cake topper handmade by CuteNation. Big party planning going on over here. Emerson turns two in a few short weeks and we’re throwing her a big soiree. First order of business is this little lovely. A hand-painted cupcake topper made in our little one’s likeliness. I was thrilled when I received Leah’s tiny work of art and can’t wait to see it sitting atop a tower of sweets.

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