The Pink Palace

This is a favorite place of mine. The Royal Hawaiian. Also known as the Pink Palace. It’s steeped with romantic history. Walking through its lobby is like taking a step back in time. Back to the 1920s and 1930s when a visit to Waikiki involved a bit of glamour. It was an exotic getaway for those who could afford to “winter” at a resort. In my book, a visit to Oahu requires a stroll through the Pink Palace and preferably a drink under one of their pink and white striped umbrellas. We did both on Read More →

My second favorite red head

I realize I am not alone with my love of Conan. Did you catch his last Tonight Show on Friday? He was so gracious and sincere and the entire thing just really made me love him ever more. But really, it’s his self-deprecating and silly humor that won me over so many years ago. Last night I was reminded of a favorite Conan O’Brien moment. No need to have first-hand experience with the soul-sucking life that can be corporate America to appreciate his visit to Intel. Although, I endured a few years of cube land Read More →

Obsession creeps in

Photo via Design Sponge Ever since I wrote about those lovely ceramics last week, I can’t stop myself from imagining a colorful collection of breakables in my own home. And now I’m loving the collection of vintage colored glass in Heather Frazier’s home, featured on Design Sponge last week. And then, of course, I had to visit Ms. Frazier’s website where she sells beautiful, handmade paper mobiles and garlands. My other growing obsession. These are so pretty. I can just imagine an open window and a gentle breeze with one of these rustling in the Read More →

Do something

Feeling helpless or even worse, hopeless, is hard to imagine as a middle-class American. I’ve experienced natural disasters and their life-changing ramifications first hand but thankfully there were loved ones and government organizations within reach to lend a hand. I will always be thankful for a pre-Katrina FEMA that helped my own mother find us housing after our home was quarantined following the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989. I am equally appreciative of my family members who lived nearby and provided us a temporary home until we could put our little life back together. We Read More →

A happy place

Images via Design Sponge. This sneak peek from Design Sponge feels so very fresh to me. The saturated color against the crisp white is just perfection. If I didn’t live in earthquake country I would like to think I would also be inspired to display thoughtfully chosen pottery. These pieces make me smile, until I picture them crashing to the floor in some abstract but not out of the question future tremor. And yes, that is how my brain works. Now those letters in the kitchen nook – there’s nothing stopping me from starting that Read More →

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