Up for air

It is with a heavy sigh of relief and exhaustion that I share with you the only physical evidence from the past two weeks. A lonely photo taken from my iPhone. Thanksgiving was lovely. Spent in New England with my in-laws. The highlights being a date night in Boston which began with this champagne at our favorite bar (unfortunate new name not withstanding) and an amazing meal featuring shaved white truffles at our favorite restaurant. Emerson was utterly smothered in love and affection from her extended family and I napped nearly every day. There really Read More →

Love these

In my imagination, all my childhood memories look like this. Simple. Happy. All polka-dots, tiny hearts and tea parties. How I hope to create memories like this for my own daughter. Sarah Jane captures all the innocence of childhood in a lovely vintage style. She also has a great blog and now I’ve found another fabulous woman to stalk online – you know, in a good way. All images via Sarah Jane Studios on Etsy.


This lovely and strange world of blogs has captivated my imagination and many an afternoon filled with discovery and awe. I am constantly inspired by the creativity and passion that is shared through this ever-growing network. The sweet connections I have made through my brief presence often brings a smile to my face when I read a comment on my own posts or share in someone else’s accomplishments. Originally, this was to be a post about daydreaming. The act of which is close to my heart as it is my all time favorite pastime and Read More →

A good day

It’s a big day around our household. Today my husband’s second book was released – “No Size Fits All,” co-authored with Michael Malone. His blog post about the difficulties of sharing information via the Internet in Cuba was also featured on Huffington Post earlier this week and…today is his birthday. Happy birthday, sweetie. P.S. Two weeks ago his first book “Jump Point” hit number 40 on all of Amazon’s books. That was a good day too.

Before and After: Chair Addition

I love a good ‘before and after’ so I had to share my little chair project. I removed the seat cushion, sanded the wood down and then used a bright glossy white spray paint on the entire chair. The fabric I originally chose was back ordered so I found this white/grey/mocha with a couple little pops of salmon upholstery fabric and I am in love with the finished product. It feels so fresh and sophisticated. I sort of can’t believe I’ll be sitting on it in the garage. 

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