Wanting (a little) less

The September spending hiatus was a good and healthy experiment. I looked over the list of stuff I was lusting after and realized that for the most part I’m living happily without any of it. No pretty blue dress, no fall boots, no herb garden. As I focused intently on spending only on essential items and watching closely where the money went, my wants wandered happily to experiences rather than things. I want to go hiking, walk on a foggy beach, drink coffee with friends, crochet a blanket, sew a quilt and make soup. These Read More →

Tutu for you?

I made this little tutu for Emerson on Saturday night. Well, the one I made for her was more than twice as long. It seems I lose all size perception when she is not directly in my sights. When she spotted it Sunday morning I asked her if she would like to put it on. She said “yesh” with all the enthusiasm I had hoped for. And the moment she looked down at the piles of tulle billowing from her belly she began to scream in short little bursts with whining in between as she Read More →


My good friend, Kimi, invited me to her family’s yard sale a few weeks back. A few goodies made it into my sweet little hands. (Shhh, don’t mention it around the hubby who has watched me purge endlessly for months.) Couldn’t resist these two charming cook books from the early 1950s. Can’t wait to try out some new-to-me recipes and I love that they lived nearly 50 years in the home of my friend’s grandmother’s house. I hope I can give them an equally good home.

A chair of my own

I worked much of the summer to clear space in my life. Closets were purged, cupboards were cleaned and drawers were serious organized. The ultimate goal was to create some breathing space every aspect of my life. As a happy accident, the garage benefited from a bit of breathing room as well. Now I have a small corner for a table and my sewing machine. Of course, I’ll be sewing surrounded by boxes full of memories that we still can’t seem to part with but at least I’ll have a few feet all to myself. Read More →

Seriously, Nordstrom?

I don’t usually do this here, as I like to think of my little space on the internet as a place to be inspired, a place to daydream, a happy place, if you will. But this could not be ignored. No joke, this is the exact condition of my Clinique eye cream packaging shipped from Nordstrom last week. Department stores have stopped carrying this product and I love it. It’s eye cream + SPF and if you know me, than you may be aware of my borderline obsessive use of sunscreen. And this is the Read More →

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