A first

I feel as though I ought to be crossing this off my life list of accomplishments – the successful baking of my very first souffle. I will admit to some very shameful pride when my husband walked in the door and commented on the yummy smell and I replied “Yes dear, dinner will be ready as soon as I take the souffle out of the oven.” Thank you to the lovely Melissa of Reverie for the delicious and surprisingly easy recipe. If you like goat cheese, eggs, cream and herbs (and seriously, who doesn’t?) then Read More →

What’s wrong with this picture?

Other than the lack of focus and poor lighting, the answer would be a resounding nothing. Paying closer attention to celebrating more of life’s little pleasures and treasures has been a real focus of my life this year. Around my house this past weekend the little celebrations involved champagne (with one very drunk raspberry), two cupcakes for me (thank you to whomever invented chocolate, caramel and sea salt), and a farmer’s market breakfast of coffee and chocolate croissant. By the looks of these photos you might think I’ve been indulging alone. Fear not, I shared Read More →

Always inspired

Have I mentioned how much I love blog world? Sure it can be overwhelming at times. I often find myself sucked down the rabbit hole only to realize several hours later that my time could be better spent living my own life fully, rather than reading about others…but I digress. Generally, I gain great energy from many of the women I read. Whether they are painting from their hearts, writing poetry, taking beautiful photographs or cooking loving meals for their families, I happily absorb bits of inspiration from their honesty and brave acts of sharing Read More →

Friendship 2.0

Maybe I’ve lived in California for too long, but I was seriously shocked when I stepped out on Melissa’s Colorado balcony at sunset to take in her view. Land, rolling hills and a lake. Literally, a breath of fresh air. The weekend was filled with laughter, a series of varied meltdowns (mostly from the little ones) and lots of new memories. Watching our children play together and love each other added a happy new dimension to our friendship. A few highlights of our little lovies. Jack’s adventures on the giant slide. Owen entertaining himself on Read More →

Something like sisters

I know I’ve mentioned here before that my girlfriends seriously rock. But this truth begs repeating, again and again. Growing up an only child may come with certain advantages but missing out on a sisterhood (or siblinghood) was a bit of a bummer for me. And as a result, I tend to see my close girlfriends as family. You know, the family you get to choose? I adore them for all their their strengths and lovely idiosyncrasies. Today I’ll be flying to Colorado with Emerson for a long weekend visit with Melissa and Danielle and Read More →

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