Garden inspiration

Took Emerson to her first trip to the zoo this weekend and quickly realized why I have not been to one since 1986. Caged animals make me incredibly sad. The lion house nearly broke me. I can hear all the arguments that rationalize their existence and it was incredibly sweet to see Emerson’s face light up at the sight of a real giraffe munching on a tree branch, but my stomach aches when I come eye to eye with a wild animal through the safety of glass. It was a hard visit for me. Afterwards, Read More →

Thank heaven for little girls

Is this little tutu not the sweetest thing you’ve seen today? I am so very envious of my girlfriend’s toddler every time I catch her wearing it. I especially love it when Lark throws it on over a t-shirt and sweats.  The girl has got style.

Paris, oh my

Really, what’s not to love? If it were only filled with divine little shops tempting me with cream-filled pastry and corner cafes oozing the smell of fresh crepes stuffed with Nutella and sliced banana, I guess I would only love Paris a little. But it’s so much more than confection. Its streets are lined with ghosts of tortured artists of all kinds. Writers, poets, painters and chefs. It’s a place where both lovers and loners are at home and its many landmarks, just as much as the ordinary nooks and crannies, continue to inspire those Read More →

One way my husband and I differ

While I have practically put my entire life on hold for the purpose of organizing my entire life, my husband has managed to purge his side of the closet and write a fantastic piece on social media for Huffington Post. Do check it out. P.S. He also wrote a book last year. He’s an excellent multi-tasker and I’m a super proud wife.

Not dreaming

I spend a tremendous amount of time in my head – thinking about all the things I would like to do, projects I will begin, places I will someday live, lives I will surely someday live. Let’s just say that if there were a world championship of daydreaming, I would without a doubt be America’s strongest shot at a medal. I’m quite comfortable sitting quietly within the confines of my own thoughts. And while this is a great skill when killing time in line at the DMV, it does not contribute much in the way Read More →

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