Today is special

Ever since starting the Sunday Cup project, I’ve become quite sensitive to the many beautiful possessions in my home that I rarely, touch, use, admire or wear. In addition to my cherished collection of cups and saucers, I have sundresses saved for special summer occasions, vintage jewelry waiting to be worn with ball gowns and an entire room filled with art and family photo albums and the most comfortable couch in the house that is apparently waiting for a cocktail party. And then there is my china. My husband and I did not register for Read More →

Field trip

A much-anticipated visit to Sunset magazine’s test gardens was everything I imagined it would be. There were, of course, amazing plants, arranged by the major Western planting zones. But there were also pathways leading to gigantic dahlias, towering sunflowers, strawberries, grapevines, peppers, succulents and even a chicken coop – full of sweet little chickens doing their business. Below are a few highlights. Beautiful red sunflowers and truly triumphant dahlias.Succulents. Aren’t they pretty?All three kids LOVED the chickens.Although, Lark seemed particularly fascinated with them.Emerson was quite taken with this door – which was bolted shut. Can Read More →

Managing gracefully

It’s funny how some days you wake up and the pieces of your life don’t fit together like they did when you went to bed. I’ve spent days now trying to force it all back in place to no avail. So, today I give in. And I am hoping that the new order of things will feel more comfortable. Sylvia Boorstein talks about “managing gracefully” in life. As apposed to “managing tensely or fearfully.” l would very much like to get to the graceful place. Any tips? P.S. Nothing has gone terribly wrong in my Read More →


I feel tired and a bit scattered. I have lots to say and so much I want to photograph and share, but I must take a tiny rest. Just a day or so. Hope you are having the happiest of Mondays.

Pavlova please

If you’ve never had yourself some baked meringue, piled high with fresh whipping cream and seasonal fruit, do yourself a favor and whip up a Pavlova this weekend. I could not resist sharing just a few more photos and the recipe from this most delicious dessert. Megan’s Amazing Pavlova 6 egg whites12 oz sugar2 tsp cornstarch2 tsp distilled white vinegar2 tsp vanilla Preheat oven to 325. Whisk egg whites until foamy then slowly add half the sugar while continuing to whisk. Add half the cornstarch and half the vinegar. Continue to whisk, gradually add in Read More →

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