My secret hideway…lives

Photo via Apartment Therapy.So all that stuff I mentioned yesterday? Yeah, it would live happily ever after in this little bungalows. I feel like all of my creative dreams could come true in this hideaway. Whip up a sundress for my daughter’s first tea party? In a jiffy. Sand and paint that old picnic table? Sure thing. Dance alone on a caffeine high to Edie Brickell? Every morning. And… sip champagne by moonlight with my husband? Yes, please. It’s the perfect combination of rustic and charm and romance and whimsy. I think I’ll be buying Read More →

Secret Hideaway

Do you ever dream of a little space to daydream? A place that is all your own, private and a complete reflection of you? My bedroom is a peaceful place to rest and I do love spending time there, but it’s not totally me. That probably has something to do with the fact that I share it with my husband and I’m not 13. If I were, it would be filled with photos of Corey Haim and Molly Ringwald movie posters. The floor would be covered with clothes and the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing would Read More →

Sunday Cup: 17 of 52

I will argue that there could be nothing better than sipping coffee and munching chocolate croissant with two of your loveliest friends. I’ll be pinching myself all week and probably crying in my cup next week when two of my girls leave for their respective homes in New Zealand and Brooklyn. For now, I will soak up every indulgent moment with my dear friends. This cup is one of a set of two from Crate and Barrel that I gave to Melanie several years ago for her birthday. This was the first time she had Read More →

Sleep at what cost?

Sometimes I have to look at photos like this as proof that my child is actually, indeed, capable of sleep. I have taken many such photos since her birth. Even took several on my phone yesterday in the car. Because, hah! She was sleeping. In her car seat. And that visual just never gets old.  I have a slightly obsessive fear that I may have produced a human who will grow up to be incapable of getting herself to a peaceful state of slumber. Without the aid of a rocking chair, swing, white noise or Read More →

Sunday Cup: 16 of 52

This little cup is not from my bridal shower collection. Technically, I’m just taking care of it until Emerson is old enough to handle delicate things. Her penchant for hurling large objects across the room pretty much guarantees she won’t be touching this one for a long while. My father had her name painted on it by a friend who makes these by hand in the south of France. He delivered it to his first and only grandchild while visiting last summer. He also brought her a beautifully painted and hand cut wooden puzzle that Read More →

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