Sunday Cup: 13 of 52

Green tea in a Japanese cup. Unexpected? No. But just lovely on a Sunday morning. The cup has no markings on it. It was a business gift given to my husband on one of his many trips to Tokyo. Up until this morning I had only eaten olives out of it. Turns out it’s a perfect vessel for a hot beverage. Who knew? P.S. This is my new favorite part of the yard. We’ve been filling in a neglected corner around a beautiful Japanese maple tree with tropical drought-resistant plants and I realized today that Read More →


I have been working hard at pairing down every corner of my life. No closet or cupboard is safe from my ruthless tossing and donating of towels, frying pans, sweaters and shoes. I need to simplify my lifestyle before I suffocate from the weight of all the stuff. While clearing out boxes in the garage I opened up one that I had long been avoiding. A box full of jewelry boxes and sewing notions from my Great Grandmother Elsie. I adored her. She died in 2002 at the age of 100. But I could not Read More →

No relation

Would you agree that my daughter bears a striking resemblance to a certain late night talk show host? Could it be the hair? I have a secret crush on Conan O’Brien. I have a not-so-secret crush on Emerson.

Sunday Cup: 12 of 52

Sunday Cup on a Tuesday, you ask? Yes, indeed. I’ve mentioned before that I am a master procrastinator. I can push things off and then carry the guilt around on my shoulders like no other. There are no elaborate excuses to defend my slacker ways. This weekend my mind was here. And here. The only difference than most days is that so was my body. The hubby and baby and I spent three restful days by the sea. And I was lost in the fog the entire stay. I just couldn’t bring myself to succumb Read More →

Glee in my heart

Can we talk for a moment or 10 about Glee? Good lord that show had me at jazz hands and I can’t believe I have to wait through a long hot summer for another high school production of a Journey classic. This is where I need to fess up to being a total concert choir geek in high school. I was only a nameless face in a crowd of 100, singing in the alto section. But, oh how I longed to have a voice strong enough for the Jazz Purr. My high school mascot was Read More →

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